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Also by Sally Georgina Cronin

Sally’s first book, Size Matters, was a record of her personal journey as she lost 11 stone and it shows the programme that she developed for herself and her clients to achieve a healthier lifestyle. That book has also been converted to an e-book to be shared with a new generation of readers. The story does not change – being obese is no fun at all!

This was followed by Just Food for Health, a comprehensive guide to family nutrition and health.

* Size Matters: A journey from obesity to  health.

Forget the Viagra … Pass me a Carrot!: A men’s health workshop manual.

*  Turning Back the Clock: Anti-ageing. How to feel and look 10 years younger.

*  Media Training: The Manual: A concise instruction manual on how to work with "the Media".

*  Sam, A Shaggy Dog Story: a tribute to a beloved friend.

*  Just an Odd Job Girl: A novel about a new start in life.

*  Flights of Fancy : Eleven new short stories from Sally Cronin.


Size Matters … Especially if you weigh 330 lbs!

Print: ISBN 97819055997024

MOBI: ISBN 9781905597475

EPub: ISBN 9781905597468

Just Food For Health

Print: ISBN 9781905597239

Forget the Viagra … Pass Me a Carrot!

Print: ISBN 9781905597420

MOBI: ISBN 9781905597437

EPub: ISBN 9781905597277

Turning Back the Clock

MOBI: ISBN 9781905597574

EPub: ISBN 9781905597581

Media Training – The manual

Print: ISBN 9781905597314

MOBI: ISBN 9781905597567

EPub: ISBN 9781905597321

Sam, A Shaggy Dog Story

Print: ISBN 9781905597413

MOBI: ISBN 9781905597451

EPub: ISBN 9781905597352

Just an Odd Job Girl

Print: ISBN 9781905597123

MOBI: ISBN 9781905597550

EPub: ISBN 9781905597543

Flights of Fancy

MOBI: ISBN 9781905597598

EPub: ISBN 9781905597604

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