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Sally Georgina Cronin
Georgina Cronin

Sally Georgina Cronin

About the Author

Sally Georgina Cronin, the daughter of a Naval officer, was born in Portsmouth where her family still lives. Following a career of over twenty years, at a senior management level, in a number of industries, Georgina opened a diet advisory centre in Ireland. It was then that she wrote her first book, 'Size Matters', which was published in 2003. A self-help book, it details her own weight loss of over 140lbs, and the programme that she designed and adapted for her many clients according to their individual needs.

Sally has spent the last ten years writing and broadcasting information on health and nutrition, as well as publishing a novel and short-story audio CD. 
Her new book 'Just Food for Health' is a common-sense guide to the body and the foods it needs to be healthy.
Sally, and her husband David, divide their time between Portsmouth, Dublin and their home in Madrid.

BIOGRAPHY – Sally Georgina Cronin

In 1996 Sally Cronin was given a death sentence!

In a high-pressure job, as Operations Director for a rapidly growing independent telecommunications operator, Sally weighed over 330 lbs and was suffering from several obesity-related medical problems. Always one to take “the bull by the horns”, she gave up her job and devoted all her time and effort into regaining her health.

Her first book, “Size Matters”, was published in 2003 and records her journey from size–32 to size–16. Her successful outcome was based on a unique weight-control-programme that she designed for herself.

With a first hand knowledge of the problems, and pain, that excess weight can bring – and a proven weight-control-programme – Sally opened a diet-advisory centre, in Ireland. Over the next few years she coached over 1,000 individual clients through the programme, finding solutions for people not only suffering from obesity but also for many with dietary related medical problems.

In 2003, Sally moved to Spain and published her first novel, “Just and Odd Job Girl”. Then, in 2004, in partnership with her husband David, she founded Moyhill Publishing working with authors on the design, formatting and production of their books and covers. Their first book “The Red-tailed Hawk” (in Spanish) won the British Book Design & Production Award for “Best Digital Book” of 2004.

Following a book review of Size Matters, on “Ondacero International, (OCI)” – the English speaking radio in Spain – she was given the opportunity to present a weekly health segment on OCI. In addition to the healthy lifestyle programming, Sally also edited and produced a short story for the channel each week for four years.

In 2005 until Sally launched a new monthly e-magazine, “Just Food for Health”, alongside her website The website contains a wealth of useful information and tips about lifestyle and nutrition, and serves a background for the topical information in the subscription based e-magazine.

Sally was also a columnist for the Spanish magazine “The Marketplace” and a contributor to the magazine “Sitara” which is circulated to the Indian community in Spain. In 2008 she became the columnist for “Front of House Magazine”, based in the UK.

In March 2009 her latest health book was released. “Just Food for Health” is a common-sense guide to the body and the food it needs to be healthy. Sally now divides her time between her home in Madrid and the UK. She works with clients throughout Europe and is working on her next novel.

Contact details: Sally Georgina Cronin

Tel:-    +34 91 859 3083
Mobile:-  Spain +34 678 574 526   UK 0752 299 6872


NON FICTION – “Just Food for Health
Published March 2009  ISBN 978-1-905597-23-9   Sally Georgina Cronin
 A commonsense guide to the body and the foods it needs to be healthy

NON FICTION – “Size Matters” 
ISBN 1-555395-559-5 Georgina Cronin


  • “Made me cry as I lived each moment”
  • “I saw myself on every page and was inspired to take control of my own eating”
  • “Georgina Cronin is proof that the truth is out there” Spainlifestyle

FICTION – “Just an Odd Job Girl
 ISBN 1-4120-2437 Georgina Cronin


  • “ Move over Bridget Jones”
  • “ A very funny read”


  • Curtains – Georgina Cronin - Broadcast September 2004, OCI radio
  • A New Beginning – Georgina Cronin – Broadcast January 2005


  • Big is not beautiful – Drogheda Independent June 2000
  • Movers and Shakers on the Spanish Highways -
    Weekly Telegraph UK and Telegraph Expat website.
  • The Youthful Fruit Salad – Sitara annual magazine for the Indian community.
  • Healing Foods– monthly article. Sally Cronin
    The Marketplace magazine on the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol.
  • Health and vitality post bag – Front of House Magazine.


Weekly programme scripts – Sally Cronin

  • Circulated to several hundred listeners of “The Main Ingredient” each week, from 2004 until 2008

Monthly - 25-page e-magazine “Just Food For Health” 2006 to 2008 for website



    The Brenda Padilla Show – The Health Hour.

    • Series One – Breast cancer and Vitamin D – three shows.
    • Series Two – Candida Albicans – three shows
    • Series Three – Arthritis – three shows
    • Christmas Show – Turkey as a Superfood and Food Safety at Christmas
    • Series Four – Detoxing – two shows
    • Series Five – Avoiding infections – four shows. The Common Cold, Influenza, MRSA part one and Two.
    • Series Six – Diabetes I and Diabetes II with diet plan – two shows.
    • Series Seven – What is in our Food? - Four shows – Soft drinks, Hydrogenated Fats, Colourants and Additives.

JUST FOOD FOR HEALTH - Resident nutritionist – March 2005 to present.

  • Review of the “Healthy Eating Plan” – Two weeks.
  • Turning back the Clock – Challenge” – Twelve-week series.
         Explains how to use diet and lifestyle changes to take ten years off
         your biological age.
  • “Healthy recipes” using the superfoods – Ten-week series
  • “What is in our food” and “Food pharmacy” -
         Two series running on alternate weeks
  • “What is in our food”
         Deals with food colourings, hydrogenated fats,
         sugars and the dangers of soft drinks.
  • Food pharmacy
         talks about foods that have been used for thousands of years
         for medicinal purposes, e.g. Asparagus, watermelon, watercress,
         sunflower seeds.

Broadcast on “The Main Ingredient” – Saturday morning Lifestyle show –
Ondacero International (OCI), lifestyle show on Saturday mornings.AUTHORS IN THE SUN – ST VALENTINES COMPETITION
February 14th – April 15th 2006
Evaluation of all 24 entries, production and recording of last eight finalists. Broadcast OCI. 

AUTHORS IN THE SUN – SERIES THREENovember 14th for 8 weeks

A series of eight original stories edited, produced and read by Sally Cronin
Broadcast on “The Kelli Brett Show”, Mondays, Ondacero International (OCI)


THE KELLI BRETT SHOW – November 2005.

Promotion for the “Main Ingredient”
Broadcast on Ondacero International (OCI)


LIVE WITH KELLI BRETT – August 2005 – 3-week Live broadcast , on-location

One hour shows, covering celebrity dieting and DVD reviews.
Broadcast on Ondacero International (OCI) live from the Guadalpin Hotel, Puerto Banus.


AUTHORS IN THE SUN – SERIES TWORepeated throughout the summer.

A series of ten original stories edited, produced and recorded by Sally Cronin
Broadcast on “The Kelli Brett Show”, Mondays, Ondacero International (OCI)


AUTHORS IN THE SUN – SERIES ONE, Repeats – March through June 2005

A series of ten original stories edited, produced and recorded by Sally Cronin.
Repeated broadcast on “Live at Eleven , Mondays, Ondacero International (OCI)


AUTHORS IN THE SUN – SERIES ONEOctober 2004 to March 2005

A series of ten original stories edited, produced and recorded by Sally Cronin.
Broadcast on “The Main Ingredient” Ondacero International (OCI)


THE HEALTHY EATING PLAN – January 2005 – March 2005.

A series outlining healthy diets for specific medical problems, including:

    • The superfoods – two programmes.
    • The healing foods.
    • Willpower.
    • Arthritis,
    • Anaemia,
    • Candida Albicans
    • Cholesterol
    • Diabetes
    • Kidney disease
    • High blood pressure
    • Osteoporosis
    • Healthy brain function.

Broadcast on Ondacero International (OCI)



   November to December 2004 – Six-week live series
   Live weight loss challenge, with a volunteer listener in the studio each week.
   Broadcast on Ondacero International (OCI)


   Half hour show interviewing new authors.
   Broadcast on Ondacero International (OCI)


AUTHORS IN THE SUN – June 2004 to October 2004 – Fourteen week series
   Reviewing self-published books, included excerpts.
   Also an original short story, edited, produced and read each week by Sally Cronin.
   Broadcast on “The Main Ingredient - With Kelli Brett” Ondacero International


   Half-hour TV show including author interview and book review.
   Broadcast on Localia Television, Marbella


THE JULIE TOMASORO SHOW – June 2004 - March 2005
   Live, one-hour show featuring health and lifestyle.
   Topics covered included:

    • Healthy eating
    • Retirement
    • Sexuality
    • Relationships
    • Eating disorders
    • Giving up smoking
    • Addictions
    • PMS
    • Menopause
    • Weight loss.

Broadcast on Ondacero International (OCI) Marbella.

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