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Just Food for Health
Cover - Just Food for Health

Just Food for Health
by Sally Georgina Cronin


ISBN 978-1-905597-23-9 - 270 pages A4 Pages;

Perfect bound

With over 190 illustrations and tables.

Price:- 15.95 Post & packing not included

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 about the author

Just Food For Health

Dedicated to helping you become healthier, just by focusing on the way you eat.

If we want to avoid the diseases brought on by poor nutrition it is vital that we review our diet and lifestyle frequently. The nutrients that we need, to keep the body in top condition, are very specific to the various stages in our lives. The amount and types of food that we need to eat during childhood or teenage years will be very different to what we need during the fast paced reproductive years, between 20 and 30, or in our middle and later years.

Each phase of life has different dietary requirements and if we do not eat what is needed, the body will lack the building blocks to give us energy, and keep us in good health. Nutritional therapy shows us how to recover the balance in the body, ensuring that we take in the right nutrients and adopt beneficial lifestyle changes.

It is never too late to improve both your diet and lifestyle!

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