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The Kowledge to exist in wholeness

by Hace


ISBN 978-1-905597-16-1

132 pages; Quality Paperback
:- €12.50 (9.90) 
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About the book

This book focuses on “the knowledge of being” in a way that makes this knowledge accessible to all in an understandable way. It provides a tool which can be used to reduce the stresses and fears that are encountered in everyday life and uses a unique system of analysis and explanation, to develop a synthesis of phenomenology and theology.

Usually, we manage to completely overlook the fact that we are continuously making choices, and that when we make our choices they are based upon a judgment of available information. But how complete, or incomplete, is that information?

If our judgment about the information is coloured in any way, because a pre-disposition exists, then a correct decision will not be made, regardless of the completeness or reliability of the information.

In the same way, a clear judgment based on incomplete or unreliable information will not lead to a correct decision.

So how can we be sure about the quality of our information, and its source? Where do our pre-dispositions come from? And how can we correct them?
Ontology focuses on “the knowledge of being”. This historical starting point, and the basis of all philosophy, has traditionally developed in two main directions; phenomenology and theology.

In this book, through a unique system of analysis and explanation, the synthesis of both has at last been made, and the philosophy of being, has finally been made accessible to all.

Anyone can use this new and uniquely suitable tool to reduce the stresses and fears that we encounter in everyday life. And if the time is taken to understand, and practice, this philosophy of being, it will lead to the development of a sustainable feeling of freedom in a thoroughly satisfactory life.


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