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Lorraine Cavanagh
Lorraine Cavanagh

Lorraine Cavanagh

about Mediterranean
Garden Plants

About the Author

Born in the cold, windswept -but warm-hearted - north-east of England and having spent most of my formative years in Africa, moving to Spain was a logical progression. Andalucia and her people have, over the last 19 years, won my heart enabling me to form a home, bring up a family and set up in business here.

Thoroughly inculcated into the plant world by my grandfather, for seven years I owned a plant nursery, specialising in plants suitable for this environment. This led to requests for advice on planning, landscaping and planting - and thus I created a new company, Verdisimo, with the help of my Spanish business partner.

Writing was for my quieter moments, but those moments have been so enjoyable that I was rather reluctant to finish the task and so the book grew and grew.

Hopefully the reading will be as enlightening as the writing.


I am Pleased
to Announce

The Birth of my book -
Big, Bouncing and Beautiful!

Signings, radio and TV interviews, guest speaker - such strange words to have in my diary and all because of two small words
in capitals because that is how it has affected my life

I arrived in Andalucia 19 years ago to the month and, I guess, that is when I really started work on the book, though I didn't realise it at the time. But it was then, with a garden to form, that I started to increase my knowledge not only of autochthonous plants but also the whole gamut of imported plants that would work in our climate.

In those far-off days the choice in local garden centres was very limited and so I started to bring in seeds and - dare I say it? - cuttings and even plants from other countries. My suitcases never bulged with clothes but, yes, with green living things. Most survived not only the journey but also adapted well to their new home. Those that struggled and sulked were marked up in the book of experience. But the stars more than outshone the black marks and I progressed from "must try harder" to "good and steady work".

Several years later I started selling plants on the markets, which led to me setting up a plant nursery near Competa. My aim was to grow and sell plants that were generally not available but, that I knew from experience, would not only work here but flourish too. I'm pleased to say that customers came from far and wide not only to buy but also to chat, ask advice and exchange plant growing experiences. We talked, I listened and absorbed. Everyone had their story to tell and I was getting a more widespread picture - plants that thrived in windy coastal conditions, those that did better in more arid hillside positions and those that would take the searing heat of July and August.

I still miss those days, but fate and opportunity led me into garden design and landscaping and the formation of another company, Verdisimo. Here was the perfect blank page to fill, drawing upon my knowledge and experience and giving clients not only good-looking gardens but ones that thrived and functioned. For years I was nagged by friends and clients to put all this knowledge into a book - and here it is. MEDITERRANEAN GARDEN PLANTS

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I'm convinced - is the book you all need! It covers over 350 of the best plants for our climate - ones that will work with you helping to form that Mediterranean garden of your dreams.

The format of the book is simple, A-Z by Latin names - and if you don't know the Latin there is an English and a Spanish common name index. Each plant has a half-page photo to help even further with identification. The cultivation box gives in concise form details about the plant and the conditions it likes - with any special features such as scented, poisonous etc. On the opposite page is a more general write-up and details on pruning, propagation and any problems likely to be encountered with that particular plant.

There are no confusing symbols, it's all clear and simple. At the back of the book is a cross-reference section which will shortlist some of the best plants in each category and help you match plant to situation. All in all over 650 pages bound in a compact and wipe- clean form so it's easy to carry around with you.

And it's out on the streets now - available directly through the Market Place magazine or through book-sellers and selected outlets along the coast as well as on this website.

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