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Flights of Fancy
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Flights of Fancy
by Georgina Cronin


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ISBN 978-1905597-079   Audio Book CD
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Flights of Fancy is a collection of six short stories about life.
Some are inspired by events or history in my own family and others are just flights of fancy.

  1. Curtains
  2. A Distant Shore
  3. A New Beginning
  4. The Psychic Parrot
  5. Father Christmas
  6. Flights of Fancy


Curtains was inspired by the story of my grandfather and my grandmother who married in the First World War. He was wounded three times and it was only when he knew that he was not going to return to the front that he and my grandmother went ahead and had a baby, my mother. Herbert Francis James Walsh was killed on November 2nd, 1918 by a sniper, just one week before the end of hostilities. He was only thirty-one years old and yet he left a legacy behind in the form of my mother, her children, a grandchild and now her great, great grandsons.

A Distant Shore

Most romance stories are about the young. A Distant Shore is a story about a woman who feels that her life is over following the break up of her marriage in her forties, but who discovers that there is a whole new world waiting for her in a Spanish villa on a beach.

A New Beginning

I lived and worked in the mountains of Wales for three years and wanted to set one of my stories in that awesome environment. A New Beginning is about hope and how when life seems at its bleakest, there is always someone who will reach out to you. For the last eight years we have been blessed with the company of a rough collie called Sam and his sensitivity and response to our emotional well-being inspired the theme of the story.

The Psychic Parrot

I find parrots fascinating and have been amazed at some of the programmes that show how bright and intelligent they are. Having said that, this story is about a woman who needs to rediscover the person she used to be so that she can move onto the future.

Father Christmas

This is a ghost story. Christmas is supposed to be a celebration but for some people it is also a time when they have to come to terms with loss. For anyone who believes in Father Christmas this seasonal tale will encourage you to put out the mince pies.

Flights of Fancy

I was a tall and slightly overweight child and even at a very young age I noticed that the good looking boys seemed to favour the more delicate female members of my class. This story is about how even in adulthood the slights and knocks of childhood still have an affect on our relationships.



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