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The Colour of Life
Cover - The Colour of Life by Geoff Cronin

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The Colour of Life
by Geoff Cronin


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ISBN 1-905597-00-2 - 194 pages, perfect bound,
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...but every now and then you come across one that's so wonderfully descriptive, so utterly compelling, that you want to recommend reading it to anyone who'll care to listen to you. The Colour of Life is such a book.

Reviewed in indublin Magazine 02 Feb 2006
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The Colour of Life

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Here is a book that will take you down
the country lanes of the past.

Even if you were not born in Ireland, in Waterford, in the 1920’s, after reading Geoff Cronin’s The Colour of Life you will wish you had been.

Colour aptly describes this intriguing mix of fact and folklore from a master storyteller. Geoff Cronin is a keen observer of life and gives us a rich insight into a time that has almost been forgotten in our modern world. Born in Waterford in the early 1920’s Geoff brings to life the fascinating characters that populated the local area, with a dash of that Irish magic which will keep the reader enthralled from beginning to end.

Sharp, witty and often very funny, this collection of 34 stories will captivate old and young. From Pigeons to Sangria via the Snipe Shoot and The Turkey Run, in the company of the Man, the Town Boy and the Tangler, you will take the road to nostalgia very happily.

Apart from his mainstream career - Geoff Cronin was General Manager and a director of the Irish National Insurance Company - he has also been a lumberjack, pigeon fancier, mobile cinema operator, master confectioner, ballroom dance teacher and big band leader. Since retiring, 25 years ago, Geoff has continued to entertain audiences with his music and also found the time to become a renowned wood turner.

Geoff has always been a celebrated raconteur and now in his 80’s, living in Dublin, he has been persuaded to share his fascinating early life in print so that we can all participate in the joys of the real and evergreen Ireland that should never be forgotten.

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