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A note about e-books

At the same time that we create the file to go to the printer we can also create an electronic book format (e-book) which could be sold by downloading from the net.


  • No print cost
  • No delivery cost
  • Works worldwide
  • Could sell for much less than printed version and retain same margin.
  • Much better value for the reader
  • Instant customer satisfaction as delivery is immediate
  • Good margin for Author with no outlay for printing


  • Customer has to read on screen, or print locally.
  • An e-book is certainly easier to copy than a paper book and it just as difficult to protect. Our view is that an author is not in danger of significant lost revenue from "individual" buyers. Letting family members and friends have a "copy" of the e-book file is not much different to loaning them a paper book.

The biggest danger lies in success. When the book sales begin to accelerate then demand will raise its profile. Then, if there is an e-book version available, it is not difficult for an unscrupulous dealer to place a copy on HIS web site and keep all the cash. There are software packages that can track if your book is being sold on illegal sites and you can warn them or take legal action. In reality it is very difficult to stop them.

We can discuss this issue at a later stage and will move forward with this option only if you are comfortable with it.


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