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More about Moyhill

At Moyhill we work exclusively with authors who want to self-publish.

We are also authors and we know, first-hand, just how painful it can be to take your book from manuscript stage through to final publication. Moyhill Publishing was set up after we experienced the pain of trying the traditional route and then through standard self-publishing houses.

Having learned how NOT to do it we use our experience to make the process of publishing your book easy and straightforward.

One of the most exciting events for any author is to hold the first copy of their book. Our mission is to get you to that point with the minimum of hassle and at a price that won’t make you choke! - Self-Publishing - without the pain!


With Moyhill all YOU have to do is write the book and generate some ideas about the kind of cover you would like. We do the rest for you – but not in isolation. Nothing gets printed before YOU have had a chance to approve the layout and cover design.


Authors have told us that their mains concerns about Self-publishing were:

  • The process will be too complex
  • It might be very expensive
  • Self Publishing is just Vanity press
  • I won’t any have control over the process
  • I might not like what I get
  • The book might look “cheap & nasty”

What we offer is:

  • Easy and straightforward
  • Inexpensive
  • Professional
  • Produces books that look just as good as anything on the market
  • Control over the process, you get to see and approve of the book layout and the cover design before it is printed

Vanity Press

A question we are often asked is; “isn’t this just ‘Vanity Press’?”

    Many believe that this is a label invented by the big ‘monopoly’ book publishers to scare off the independent self-publisher. In the same way, book publishing has been deliberately shrouded in mystery by the big production companies in order to protect their markets.

    Printing technology is available to everyone today, and there is no discernible difference between a self-published book and a book printed by a mainstream house. If anything, the self published book can look better as it has had more direct ‘love and attention’ lavished on than many mass-produced books.

    When you self-publish –be it a novel, memoir, biography, poetry, reference, self help book, or any other genre– the key is in the marketing of the book. If you don’t put it on the market and SELL it then, yes, it could be considered vanity press. But this is not the case if you are producing the book for circulation to a small group, as might be the case for a personal memoir or a family history.

    Always remember that it is the writing that is the key element in any book! Certainly you can make a good book look better by having a good layout and producing a good cover, but it is the content that sells, not the packaging

What kind of publishing services do you offer? (Click on the links for details)

We offer two main packages, a Standard Package and a Complete Package.

  • If our pre-prepared packages do not meet your needs then we can create a ‘made to measure’ package, just for you, where we will match your needs more closely.
  • If you are in a writers group, a creative writing class, or run writing contests we can offer you some great possibilities to get your manuscript into print, without the pain.

Whichever publishing options you choose, we will sort out all the details. We will assign the ISBN number and make sure that your book is properly barcoded (so that it can be sold in bookshops). We will register your book with Nielsen BookData, (the main reference database used by booksellers, this holds the information about all books in print), and can make your book available for sale via the internet.

If you want to produce your book as an e-book we can do that for you also. Many authors today want to avoid the additional cost of physical printing and circulate the book only in electronic format. We can produce a version of the book optimised for downloading.

We also offer a full range of editing and proofreading services, please just ask for details.

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